Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Education System Infested with "Diantha Harris" Syndrome

This video that surfaced from a Swedish documentary demonstrates the kind of indoctrination of our children that goes on in the public school system all the way up through college by liberal Democrats. Even in Oklahoma... the most "red" state in the nation.

Diantha Harris and the thousands of other liberal tools calling themselves teachers claim they respect other opinions and claim that they don't force their opinion on their students... but since that obviously isn't true, then she doesn't know she is doing it... or she is a liar.
You make the call.

There are examples of teachers like this everywhere... Kurt Hochenauer aka DocHoc who is behind the Okie Funk blog teaches at Central University in Edmond OK.
What does the most radical leftwing blogger in the state teach you might ask?
How to blog of course.
And in doc hoc's class, "conservative" publications (like the Daily Oklahoman) are not considered valid as a source according to the criteria for his classes on the curriculum web-page recently.

Another is Dr. Roger A Payne at Louisville University. I exposed Dr Payne's indoctrination program by accident after he left an outrageous comment here saying "American soldiers were responsible for the majority of deaths of innocent Iraqis".
After investigating Dr Payne I learned he had shown the movie Red Dawn to his class (literature) to make them "sympathetic" to the "insurgents" (al qaeda) then bragged about it on another blog. It would never have been known except one of his friends with a blog... posted it saying how shocked he was and that he learned it was true. He defended his action here in my comments section.

Dr Roger Payne is "Diantha Harris".
DocHoc Kurt Hoechenaur is "Diantha Harris".

I'm sure if you look around YOU know a "Diantha Harris" too.

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