Monday, November 03, 2008

Explanation for Sinister on Palin Quote

A local blogger asked for someone to explain a quote by Governor Sarah Palin... (actually he asked for someone to explain his paraphrasing of a Sarah Palin quote) regarding what happens to Barack Obama when he travels to places like San Francisco where he first made the huge blunder of saying that people back in the heartland of America were "clinging to their religion and guns" in fear of the economy and now we learned that he said his policies will "bankrupt" the coal industry in an interview which has been covered-up by the Obamedia until now.

Hey Sinister, I think what Governor Palin was suggesting in her comments was that Senator Obama says one thing in the heartland when he wants coal miners and their families to vote for him and says the opposite when he gets around his San Francisco buddies on the left coast.... why do YOU suppose he does that?

I know that fact makes him an outright liar to somebody.

Speaking of liars... could you explain something Joe Biden said for me?
"I exaggerate when I get angry"- Joe Biden


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