Sunday, November 02, 2008

Journalism Is Dead; Cancel Your Subscriptions

Cancel Your Subscriptions, Journalism is Dead
red stater-
It has been well documented that the news media is virtually the communications arm of the Democrat party mixed with some sports and entertainment sections and the story below certainly illustrates the lack of journalistic integrity currently in America.

The reporting on the war in Iraq has been irresponsible at best, with charges of abuse and assertions that America could not win in every report from AP right down to your local news all telling you the same thing.... while leaving out the successes until now where we don't hear ANY news from Iraq... because we are winning and to the news media that isn't the kind of news they want you to hear.

The media is virtually out of control in my opinion, trying to get Barack Obama elected without any regard for fair journalism. I canceled my subscription to the Denver Post and I am encouraging each of you out there to cancel YOUR newspaper subscriptions too if your paper suffers from dead journalism disorder.

It is worse than disgusting... it is dangerous.
Now we are also seeing that any attempt to be a fair journalist and ask a tough question is given the shut-out and shut-off to shut-up treatment as illustrated by Barbara West at the TV station in Florida and also the recent tossing of the NY Post, Wash Times AND Dallas Morning News from Obama's campaign plane to make room for ....magazines who are more favorable to Barack Obama.

These are dangerous times in America my fellow Americans.... it is time we start treating the news media the way they treat us.... they are biased, uniformed and have no respect for the truth or for opposing opinions.... fine.

That is what I think of the media... a bunch of self serving liars with fake tans and fake bleached teeth... what a bunch of clowns.


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did...ten years ago...get my news from google

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lol, love it.

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