Thursday, November 06, 2008

MEMO To "anonymous" McCain Staffers: Take Responsibility

To John McCain's campaign staff.
Take responsibility for the loss and quit blaming the one person who gave you and McCain half a chance to win. What a bunch of pathetic whiners you are becoming.
Sarah Palin saved your butts and put you in a position to win on election night you morons. Before Palin you were trailing in all the polls and losing ground fast. Before Palin the Republican base was less than enthused about your campaign and your run for the White House.

She single-handedly put you back on the map and in the news... and you all blew it.

Wanna' play the blame-game?

How about when John McCain himself said "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" on the very morning of the day the stock market and housing industry crashed.

The campaign went downhill from that moment on... chasing the economy issue and chasing Obama.

How about McCain not going around the media (like Reagan) and telling the American people the truth about Barack Obama directly and who he really is? Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky... and the rest needed to be made public much earlier. McCain let Americans go to the polls and vote without raising one finger to inform them about who they were voting for.... until a week before the election where it ended up looking like desperation and not the truth. He let the media and the Obama campaign define who Obama is and also define who McCain and Palin were... BIG MISTAKE.

Sarah Palin was the best thing to happen to John McCain and the campaign and staffers look petty and nasty when they leak these stories to the press anonymously and don't have the guts to go public. Gutless, classless and pathetic.


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