Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama Abandons "Unity" Message

Obama Abandons Unity Message 48hrs After Election And Appoints Partisan Hack as Press Secretary

Posted by: Scott @ 8:12 am in Baracks Broken Promises, MSM Bias

WOW! I didn’t see this one coming. It didn’t even take a week before President-elect Obama gave up on his effort to unify the country. The conduit for communicating on a daily basis between the Administration and the American people (not just the 60/300million who voted for Obama) is the White House Press Secretary. It would have been the perfect position to fill with a respected newsman/woman, and instead he chose one of the biggest partisan hacks in his campaign.
Well done President-elect Obama. I guess it’s best to do the ugly stuff as fast as possible before the media is done with Monday-morning quarterbacking and might actually call you on the lie. The problem here is….this is the guy who will deal with the press.

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