Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama & Biden Plan To Kill American Cars, Spend Billions On Trains

Going `First-Class'

Biden himself brought up passenger rail in a conversation during a campaign stop in Milwaukee, said Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi, a Democrat who backs more intercity train service.

``He said, `Frank, if we're elected, we're going to have a first-class passenger rail system in this country,''' Busalacchi said in an interview.

The senator's son, Hunter Biden, 38, is vice chairman of Amtrak's board as part of a five-year term as a director running through 2011.

Neither Biden agreed to be interviewed for this story.

Amtrak CEO Alex Kummant, 48, also declined to comment.-end

Nepotism 101: So Joe Biden plans to make his son Hunter Biden (a lobbyist for Amtrak) "filthy rich" by rebuilding the Amtrak train system with our taxes and in the process force those of us that pay for it to drive golf carts to work.

Since its creation, Amtrak has absorbed more than $29 billion in subsidies and more than $6.5 billion since 1997 alone.

It was in 1997 that a federal reform board mandated that Amtrak either become profitable by 2003 or be liquidated.

"Change" you can count on... all aboard?


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