Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Palin: Twenty Twelve

The new face of the Republican Party. Get used to it.

It is time for conservatives to get rid of the Rino's who have been dragging the party to the left... people like Peggy Noonan, David Brooks and David Frum, ...please, go be an "independent" or a "Green Party" or Libertarian or whatever just leave the Republican party alone to "cling to our Bible's and guns".

All of you so-called "conservatives" out there that care more about what your liberal friends think of you than what fellow conservatives think of you... or what is right, I say get out and good riddance.

We need to re-build the party around smaller government, lower taxes/less spending, right to life, right to own guns and capitalism... drill baby drill.
Democrats have no answer for the energy problem except spending more and more money on energy sources that don't work, Democrats are the party of death not life and Democrats are socialists... they proved it during this election and will prove it even more in the coming 4 years.

I was around for Jhimmi Carter... it was horrible and therefore produced the greatest conservative movement in our history via Ronald Reagan.

Things look very good for Sarah Palin and Republicans in 2012.... very good indeed.


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