Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red Stater Against Auto Bailout

As tempting as otherwise is, I'm afraid I must come out against a government funded Auto Industry bailout at this time.

I am a car guy, an automotive enthusiast, a gearhead, wrench, loose nut behind the wheel kinda fellow. I like cars... American cars. I have only owned one foreign car in my life (ex-wife's) but have owned dozens of great American cars and trucks, vans and even station wagons.

In a nutshell, here is why I'm against the government virtually owning GM Chrysler and Ford.

Imagine going to the car dealership only it looks like the state DMV (department of motor vehicle) and instead of salesmen pouncing on you... you take a number and sit on a plastic chair from a 1970's school lunchroom.

They finally get to number 3,146 (your number) and you go to the window with a little hole in it where they take another 45 minutes just to stamp your government work card and throw you a set of keys to a lime green 1975 Pinto retrofitted to run on chicken fat or maybe you got an electric golf cart retrofitted to look like a sportscar.

Have a nice day sir or ma'm... "NEXT" ....number 3,147 please..."

If the government "loans" the big 3 money, then the government is going to govern, restrict, redesign, revise, inflate and basically over manage the industry into disaster. Just say no to the bailout.. it's bad business.

I say let capitalism take it's course and let them file chapter 11 or find some other means.

Heck.. if I had 10 or 15 billion $ to throw around, I'd buy GM and move it, restructure it and throw the unions out, pay good wages and make the best damn cars and trucks on the planet.


Blogger Red S Tater said...

sorry anon, your comment accidentally got deleted along with another one by mistake.

I disagree with you, i think American car companies have responded to the market every time since I recall at least since the 1960's... the UNION's are the problem. American car companies are penalized too much in order to be competitive.

They need to file bankruptcy, relocate if necessary, restructure and continue selling the best cars.

AMERICANS (you and me) need to BUY AMERICAN CARS... and no I don't mean toyota's made in America.

It's OUR fault... (mostly yours, I already buy American cars).

10:47 AM  

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