Saturday, November 15, 2008

Singer Jewel Defending Sarah Palin

National Ledger:
Country music singer and songwriter Jewel, who was raised in Governor Sarah Palin's homestate of Alaska has come to the defense of Alaska Governor and former Vice-presidential candidate defense against other celebrities attacks on the fellow Alaskan.

In the last several months, many celebrities have spoken out against Governor Palin, trashing her at any opportunity, calling her 'inexperienced' and 'not ready for the White House'. The worst rejection seemed to come from her own base, women with most stating that she just wasn't 'feminist' enough for them.

Jewel recently told the New York Daily News, "Alaskan women are very can-do women. We're the pioneer state! The women who settled (in) Alaska had a large role in shaping it. The way I was raised, I never thought I was any different than boys. You can really see that in Sarah Palin."

Jewel really does have that Alaskan can-do attitude. Prior to her musical success, she struggled early in her career, even living in her van until the mid nineties when her hit "Who Will Save Your Soul" became a major hit.



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