Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 "Exactly Backward" Quote of the Year

"Tax cuts to rich people don’t stimulate the economy; they simply make rich people richer. The economy always does better when government invests in its people and infrastructure."- Okie Funk aka Dr Kurt Hochenauer aka Doc Hoc

For a college professor... sometimes you just gotta shake your head and wonder... what world he's living in. Sorry doc... errr funk... errr kurt, you've got it exactly backward.

The Kennedy Tax cuts worked in the 60's to stimulate the economy.
The Reagan Tax cuts in the 1980's led to the longest economic growth and upturn in our history.
Clinton cut taxes and stimulated the economy in the 90's
The Bush tax cuts prevented a horrible disaster following 9-11 and our economy grew until the failure of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac due to bad loans mandated and covered up by Democrats (like Barney Frank) and tolerated by Republicans... causing the housing crash.

We cannot spend and borrow our way out of this crisis no matter how many new roads you build and government agencies you create... we never have in our history and never will.

Jimmy Carter tried your idea... it failed. Others before also.

You create jobs by stimulating business (cutting their taxes) not by growing government to study how to create jobs by raising taxes.
It's apparently too simple a concept for the "progressive" mind.

Ohh and let me guess how he proposes to help Oklahoma's struggling economy and create jobs?
Raise your taxes of course. (Where do you think his salary comes from anyway?)


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