Friday, January 23, 2009

All Opposition To Obama Must Stop... lol

So I'm getting some flack for my recent post declaring that I hope Obama fails.
How dare me... how rude, how unAmerican!

It's hilarious when those on the left who have watched George W Bush be continually attacked by other lefties are now outraged that anyone could oppose our new President.

Let me explain it for you just how that can be so.

President H's first two executive orders...
I oppose and think that to disassemble the very system that has WORKED to keep us safe since 2001 is not only irresponsible but dangerous and makes us LESS SAFE than we were two days ago. Time will tell.

His plan to make late term and all abortions easier with less restrictions is a step in the wrong direction and sickens me to be honest.

His plan to provide amnesty to illegals... during the primaries (if you recall) he went so far as to say he would give them drivers licenses, is bad for America.

His plan to turn our healthcare system into another failed government run institution scares the hell out of me.

His plan to restrict our rights to own guns caused me to "stock-up" and I encourage every American to do the same NOW.

His plans to spend our way out of a recession is insane and could cause longterm damage to the economy.

... should I go on?
He says he won't have any lobbyists in his administration and then promptly appoints 2 lobbyists to his cabinet, he tells his new staff that their salary is frozen the first day on the job... uh duh isn't EVERYONE's salary frozen their first day on the job... who gets a raise on the first day?

I want Obama to fail because I oppose his plans, methods and deeds.

I do still have that right to oppose Him don't i?



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