Monday, January 26, 2009

Arrogance or Just Partisan Politics By Obama?

Can you imagine the outrage and claims of arrogance by the media if George W Bush had told Democrats (his first week in office) that they had better stop listening to the Daily Kos or Airhead America if they wanted to get anything done in Washington?

Telling Republicans that they (we) must abandon conservative principals in order to work with the white house is NOT "reaching across the isle" in spite of what the media and Democrats are saying.

I think this is a very BAD move by the new President, ...not surprising... but a bad idea.
Don't Democrats remember the last time they called out Mr Limbaugh? (It turned into a huge fund raiser for Rush and an embarrassment for Democrats)

Typical Democrat strategy however... while hiding behind the mantra of "bi-partisanship" they get as partisan as it gets.

Welcome to the new one party system folks.... unless Republicans ignore Obama's threat that is.



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