Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Liberals In Denial... But Deny It

Liberals deny that there is a media bias to the left... in fact a local blogger posted that MSNBC's Chris Matthews is "not a liberal".

Perhaps not, but he IS in LOVE with the Democrat party... whether or not that makes him a card carrying commu.. err I mean liberal or not is irrelevant.

Tom Brokaw seemed to think Chris Matthews has a bias and in fact "went too far".

Liberals deny success in Iraq choosing to ignore the tremendous gains and achievements, deny the fact that having a democracy between Iran and Afghanistan is a good thing for our well being, deny that the murdering terrorists being kept at Gitmo are dangerous, deny that they were WRONG about Iraq being in a "civil war" that we could not stop or win.

The anti-war liberals ignore the fact that Obama and Democrats did not stop any war anywhere and in fact plan to increase troops in Afghanistan for an indefinite period of time... (maybe 100 years) without ANY exit strategy or TIMETABLE for surrender... errr withdrawal errr re-deployment. Denial.

Liberals are ignoring the fact that half the country did NOT vote for Obama or Democrats after claiming for 8 years that if THEY were in power they would be partisan... denying that there is no such thing as bi-partisanship. In fact the words literally mean 2x partisan or that both sides are partisan i.e bi-partisan. The correct term would be non-partisan.

Unless it's a 50%-50% or even 60-40 bi-partisan type deal which is what Rush Limbaugh proposed to President Obama, which is in fact a true bi-partisan offer where both sides get something according to the percentage of voters Obama received and the percentage McCain got.
(Rush proposed the 1 Trillion $ stimulus plan be split in a bi-partisan fashion... Democrats would get $600Billion to spend on infrastructure as Obama is demanding and Republicans would get $400 Billion for tax cuts (which Obama could take credit for if he were smart).
Then we could track and see just who's plan would stimulate the economy faster and more... side by side in a comparison.

Liberals will ignore any such plan of course and deny it ever existed... in a bi-partisan fashion of course.

Liberal Democrats deny that tax cuts have worked throughout our history over and over again (even by Democrats like JFK and Bill Clinton) to stimulate a sluggish economy or get us out of a recession. Tax cuts work by putting money into the system via the average person and small businesses.

Somebody please explain to how my driving to the unemployment office on a new shiny road with new shiny bridges stimulates the economy?

Recent evidence is showing that the planet isn't warming as everyone on the left has bought into and sold us... but instead of embracing new data and the science that says there is no such thing as "global warming" certainly not manmade anyway... what does the left do?

Deny deny deny.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You right wing bigoted out of touch with the modern Marxist movement fag hating neo naxi skin headed stupid ignorant bushy headed limpbaugh clone...go way

12:34 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

lol... I think you left out knuckledragging gun totin' Bible clenchin' redneck in there somewhere.

12:43 PM  

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