Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Turns Auto Industry Over To States To Run

President Hussein has given individual states the authority to tell auto makers what kind of cars to make... SO... much like blended gasoline customized for individual states drove the cost of gas up... this move will drive the cost of manufacturing different standards of cars for different states up.

One car for California and a different car for Oklahoma and a different car for North Dakota and so on and so on... good grief.

As usual the Democrats answer for everything is to figure out how to drive the cost up by letting government get it's fingers in the pie.

When will we (actually democrats) learn from the 1970's that the government has no clue about cars nor any clue about climate, climate change, the environment or anything else for that matter...?

"The government is NOT the solution to our problems... the government IS the problem". -RR


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