Tuesday, January 27, 2009

President Obama: One Week in Review

With only one week in office, newly elected President B Hussein Obama granted rights to known terrorists and murderers while he denied rights to unborn babies!

He turned the control over auto manufacturing over to the whim of local environmentalists in each state and Nancy Pelosi (D) (house leader) proposed saving money by providing contraception!
He attacked conservatives by threatening Republican politicians to ignore Rush Limbaugh or else... is a one-party system next?

So... Mr President, where's that big fat tax cut to 95% of us you promised over and over and over and over again?
And ...why are you waiting until the 2010 elections to fix the roads so we can all get a better job and make more money?
If the economy is so bad... why not stimulate it now?

I would have to give President Obama an "F" for his first week in office... but hey, plenty of time to bring that grade up.

UPDATE: The Democrat controlled congress approval rating following their first week in total control?
A dismal 21% with over 70% of Americans disapproving of the "change" being implemented by congress.


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