Friday, January 23, 2009

President Obama Struggling With Leadership Role?

As I watch the new President and his staff scramble around and stumble over each other in this first week, it occurred to me that the problem they are having is actually very obvious.

Barack H Obama has never actually ran anything (except his campaign). He has never ran a business, been a mayor who has to run the town... or a governor who has to run the state and lead both Republicans and Democrats, President Obama has never led anything and therefore has no real leadership skills.

Sure he's a great public speaker and can deliver a compelling speech, but as far as the day in and day out duties of one in charge of anything... not so much.

Hopefully (for his sake) he will get the hang of it... one thing is for sure, he will have all the time he needs to get it down since the media is in a love-fest and will never question his leadership ability or anything else for that matter.

It's a sad day when we elect style over substance, but such is our state and now we must all realize this... in due time, slowly but surely.


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