Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bloggers and Unions Team Up to Push Democrats Further Left

Bloggers and Unions apparently don't think socialism is far enough to the left for the Democrat party and America. -red stater

WASHINGTON: Drudge Report- A group of liberal bloggers said it is teaming up with organized labor and MoveOn to form a political action committee that will seek to push the Democratic Party farther to the left.

Soliciting donations from their readers, the bloggers said they are planning to recruit liberal candidates for challenges against more centrist Democrats currently in Congress.

The formation of the group marks another step in the evolution of the blogosphere, which has proved effective at motivating party activists to give money and time to political campaigns, especially in local races.

But it also illuminates a deepening wrinkle for President Barack Obama, whose attempt to build a broad governing coalition — often by tempering some of his more liberal previous positions — has already angered some of his supporters on the left.

"We're going to be about targeting incumbents to make space for Obama to be more progressive," said Glen Greenwald, a liberal blogger with Salon who is part of the effort. "There may be other times when the Democratic Party, as led by Obama, is being unresponsive, so yeah, we have the potential to push back against that, as well."

Hamsher said Accountability Now — which will also have support from the Service Employees International Union and DailyKos — would concentrate more fully on candidate recruitment in the states.

"We've gone out to the state blogs asking them to put together research on people who they think are good candidates who should be on our radar,"

I hear that blogger dude at Okie Funk is looking for a job, maybe he should run for office.


Blogger Dave said...

Oh this is a fabulous idea. I'm sure that I've already deleted a ton of these emails looking for money.

Seriously though...NEITHER party needs to embrace their extremes. We need good, common sense, centrist politics. The fringes need to be sent back to the fringes where they belong.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Then you're saying Obama needs to head on back to local extremist Chicago politics in Chicago and we shoulda' elected a Maverick that governed from the middle.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Otter said...


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