Wednesday, February 25, 2009

College Professor Seeking Better Work or Just Better Pay?

It's really kind of sad.
After spewing nothing but vile hatred at who he referred to as "Imperialist President" George W Bush for the past several years now at his blog Okie Funk, OCU's leftist college professor/blogger/Democrat political activist/leftwing hateslinger extraordinare suddenly refers to any disagreement with President Obama as "spewing hate".

Doc Hoc frequently ranted about "Imperialist President" George Bush's irresponsible spending and billion dollar budget deficits... but now calls for virtually unlimited trillions of spending under Obama's plan that he hasn't even read... ahhh, but even that is not enough.

In his latest incoherent ramble, he asks "Who Will Implement Obama's Bold Ideas?"...
I had to laugh out loud.
MEMO: Somebody please drop a note by his office and let him know that Democrats (his party of socialism) already hold a majority in the US House of Representatives, the US Senate and control the White House and the News Media.... so his question is rather redundant wouldn't you say?

Not so fast it turns out...
In between his rambling misguided rants against Bush, he asks again ...more clearly.
"But none of His (Obama) plans will work if those who were right about so many important issues over the last eight years are not given a voice or leadership positions. These are people on the national and local levels. Obama and his administration need to empower these people as soon as possible."

"Why not give people who spoke out and were right a chance at leadership?

Empower the people who were right about everything and not afraid to speak out during the long, gruesome Bush years. Then you will get change and reform."

Who is doc hoc talking about here... hmmm "empower the people who were right about everything" hmmm let's see, who does doc think is always right, all the time?

doc of course!

It sounds like the 'good doctor' is asking 'The anointed One' for a "job".

Heck... doc, YOU already work for Him... remember?
You've been in the tank working for Him, Rice and every other Democrat night and day ...for years now dude.
Get a grip.

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