Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Democrat(ic) Party Is Pack Of Crazed Wild Chimps... What to do?

Crybabies on the left are upset over this NY Post cartoon now, but seemed to overlook the NY Times photos -(About.com, a part of The New York Times Company) which compared George W Bush directly to Monkeys, the movies about a Bush assassination and much worse.

But first... the Chimp in the NY Post cartoon above is not drawn to look like Barack Obama... I've seen pictures on the net that did and this ain't even close, so the Chimp in the NY Post Cartoon is obviously representing Travis the crazed chimp recently killed in Connecticut.

Secondly, Obama didn't write the stimulus bill, he just opened the doors to the cages.

A wild pack of crazed Monkeys led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were locked in a room with nothing but typewriters, keypads and piles of money, came up with something like 1500 pages of nonsense and government baloney worth over $1 trillion in debt and nothing to show for it... and called it "Stimulus" (part 1). Not one of those Monkeys that voted for it has read the entire thing or even knows what is in it. Monkeys at best.

I suspect the artist is saying that only a crazed Chimpanzee could have come up with that so-called stimulus bill that isn't a stimulus and it's as simple as that.

But to me the cartoon depicts the Democrat(ic) party as the poor crazed Chimpanzee that had to be 'put down'.... which, now that I think of it,... is a pretty good predictor for the next two elections... metaphorically speaking of course.


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