Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Looking For That One True Reagan Conservative?

Many in this country are looking for the “Second Coming” of Reagan.
They can quit looking.
There is a man with vast experience and the ideals of Ronald Reagan who is still ready to serve.
After one of the debates last year he got a phone call from Michael Reagan who told him that he answered the questions just like his (Mike’s) dad (Ronald Reagan) would!
That man is Duncan Hunter.

Issue by issue you can look at his record to verify that he is the one true conservative on the horizon today.
He knew Ronald Reagan, served WITH Ronald Reagan, was the driving force behind getting SDI passed which led to the downfall of the Soviet Union, served in Vietnam and has a son who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and has introduced legislation every year to grant personhood to the unborn thereby making Roe v Wade irrelevant, fought the ACLU and won to preserve a large cross at a military cemetary in CA, and is the ONLY person with a plan for fixing our trade deficit with China and the world.

Hunter-Palin 2012
A New Direction for America, back to the future!

Town Hall: "A case for Duncan Hunter"

Washington Post: "Hunter: Conservative Hope"

Ann Coulter: "Duncan Hunter is 'Magnificent'"

“Inspirational leader” and the one best qualified to carry the “Reagan Torch" - Bob Smith NH Senator

"He's more of a Reaganite than Ronald Reagan" - US Veteran Dispatch

“Duncan Hunter is a true social conservative and honestly represents the Republican Wing of the Republican Party,” stated Chris Brown, state President of the Missouri Republican Assembly

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Duncan Hunter on the Issues


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama is introducting the concept of the 'perpetual campaign'. He is campaigning right now in key swing states. He is paying off constituencies with his Porkulus. We need to select our candidate asap. He has to speak well and cannot be a RHINO!

Daniel Stiles

12:23 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Hi Daniel, what makes you think it has to be a "he"?

I could go for a Palin-Hunter ticket any old day.

6:01 PM  

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