Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OKC Tea Party Anyone... How About Denver?

The New American Tea Party movement started with Rick Santelli's great job of standing up to the socialist takeover in Washington.

Be sure to check out their website... at "Time For A Taxpayer Tea Party"
and sign their letter to the President if you agree.

Dear President Obama:

Enough housing bailouts, enough bank bailouts, enough bailouts for everyone who took risks that didn't pay off. People who played by the rules and paid their own debts shouldn't be forced to pay for all these bailouts. I support Rick Santelli's call for a Taxpayer Tea Party to defend our country's founding free-market principles.

Dallas is the closest organized Tea Party protest, but c'mon Oklahoma... the most conservative state in the union can do better than Dallas... or C'mon Denver you can show Dallas who is really the "big Tea".

And from an earlier post on this...
"Best quotes from the NRO interview with Rick Santelli...

The issue is, you can’t pick out 8 or 9 percent and give them things that weaken the 90 or 92 percent who are carrying the water. ... They need to quit picking winners and losers, and they have to quit alienating the classes. You have to figure out a way to float all boats, and I think that’s where the administration has gone wrong, and I think that’s the nerve I hit."

At the end of the day, it’s simple. A lot of the president’s advisers are saying that there’s a multiplier effect to the government money, and it’s over one.
Now if that’s true, then the government should spend non-stop for the rest of our lives, because we’ll get a positive return.
And it makes no sense. ... I guess in the end, I believe in the founding fathers, and I believe that in America... the pursuit of happiness and to work hard and keep the fruits of your labor is something I believe in.
And I’m not saying we should forget people who need help. But at the end of the day, Americans are strong and they’re charitable.
I think what they (Americans) have a problem with is that it’s force-fed via the government."

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Anonymous Cliff said...


Looks like there will be one in Tulsa. I was hoping for an OKC tea party myself.

8:56 PM  

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