Saturday, March 07, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama: The Abortion President Leads the Party of Death

Fox News-
"One of the most outspoken abortion opponents in Congress labeled President Obama the "abortion president" on Friday in response to news that Obama intended to sign an executive order Monday lifting restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., accused Obama of launching two attacks on pro-life measures. In addition to lifting President Bush's stem cell restrictions, Obama intends to lift regulations from the Bush administration that allow health care providers and institutions to refuse to participate in abortions on grounds of conscience."
Here is a video every single American should have to watch before expressing an opinion on abortion. Barack Obama supported post birth abortions in Illinois, he supported the killing of a living breathing human being outside the mothers womb.

I challenge all of you pro-abortion cowards out there who support Barack Obama's infanticide to watch this video and then go to my comments section and tell me how this act falls under a woman's right to kill. Tell us that this is simply about the "womans health". Tell us how this is anything but murder. Please elaborate.

Don't expect the babykilling crowd to ever actually take the time to consider the rights of the human infant, won't take 6 minutes to inform themselves, no their obsession with the so-called 'right' to murder an innocent unborn child on the false grounds of "choice" prevents them from taking even a moment to hear the cries, not even a second to listen to what is happening in our country, they are the closed minded ones hellbent on death, celebrating that death, declaring that anyone who opposes this blatant slaughter is... "backward" and "hates women" or wants to "regulate a woman's vagina".

These cowards prefer to hide behind their blogs and hide behind their ignorance and hatred throwing insults at those who dare defend the innocent rather than engage in any debate on right and wrong. To these people the only thing that is right is killing babies for fun and profit and the only thing wrong is anyone who opposes them on anything.

As far as those of us on the right are concerned, we believe a woman should be able to do anything she wants with her body... it is virtually un-regulated and should remain that way... as long as it isn't used in a criminal act, like homicide for example.

But according to the pro-abortion crowd, that is all a woman is good for.. killing another baby.
Had the so-called Octomom had 8 abortions, she would be the darling of the media... instead she is the villain.

Each individual unborn human infant... no matter how small, is an individual being... a unique individual not some random group if inanimate cells, but that infant can only be that person and once that person is dead... you cannot simply recall it later when it is more convenient for YOU.

I have addressed the rights of women to "choose" and her right to contraception, if anyone on the pro-abortion side is intellectually honest, then they will address the rights of that unborn person and stop pretending that person doesn't exist.

But I don't think those people are intellectually honest.

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