Thursday, March 12, 2009

Classic Coyote vs Roadrunner Stuff

Thanks to Oklahomily the blog.

Pictured on the billboard are the words... "Americans didn't vote for a rush to failure".

After all, economists just announced their findings that Obama and his economic team are a "failure" on the economy after only a little over a month in office, giving Obama a failing grade of 59 with a perfect score of 100 possible.

Now.... the "rest of the story".

The billboard above was the winning idea by DNC (Democrat party) wanting to ridicule Rush Limbaugh with the sign to be placed in FL where presumably Limbaugh would see it. All Limbaugh has to do is print something like... "But a rush to failure is what Americans got" on the other side of the billboard.

They might wanna re-think that one... before the rock falls on their head.... again.


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