Sunday, March 08, 2009

Classic: Stand up for innocent Children, Get Called a Sexist Woman Hater

Typical of the pro-death crowd, the attacks have been launched immediately following any information on the rights of unborn children being posted.

Not ONE of the cowards attacking me has once mentioned anything to do with the word baby, fetus, unborn, person, individual, he, she, it or whatever they would like to call it in their worse than lame excuses for killing that individual.

No... these cowards attack anyone who stands up for the life of an unborn child by claiming we are sexist or that we hate women... listen, if we hated women we would only oppose aborting male babies you cowards.

One even had the nerve to claim that teen pregnancy can be "legislated" out of existence but then condemns me for wanting to legislate protection for innocent unborn children.

You are the ones who hate women so much you are willing to encourage them to commit what might be considered crimes against humanity by killing their own children.

You are the crowd who encourages death and opposes life.
You are the haters and you are the liars and you know who you are.

I stand up for women just as I stand up for children and the unborn. I have the utmost respect for women.. in fact much more than I do for men.
Especially men who are cowards and are too whipped and afraid to take even a basic stand on life vs murder.

But I do appreciate the traffic they are driving to my site by attacking it. Perhaps some good will come of that if just one person pauses to think about what I've written.

Update: 03-09-09 One blogger's hypocrisy continues... as he is unable to stop attacking, even long enough to think. Calling me "blindly partisan" with no evidence of such while on a partisan rant of his own. Classic.
His latest... "Why America turned it's back on conservatives" which is a lie to start with.
Democrats won an election dude... after losing 2 in a row to George Bush, so let's not get too full of ourselves... oh too late.
He asks..
"Instead of bickering about the result, why not attack the causes? "
"We should determine why pregnancies occur outside of stable marriages and attack these causes".
"Teen pregnancy alone is a cause of one in eight abortions — why not attack it?"

But then... what (or who) is the only thing he actually attacks?
Bloggers and conservatives or anyone that has supported rights for the unborn of course!


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