Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Don't You Get Your Free News for Free?

Denver CO-
So I was listening to a local talk radio program this morning and they were talking about the demise of the Rocky Mountain News and the state of the news media in general.

One of the hosts of the program said that his son who is in his 30's hasn't read a newspaper in years because he gets his news by watching CNN or on the Internet.
The host went on to ask why people never complained about paying for their news via a newspaper for decades but now won't pay for their news online (by subscribing) expecting it to be "free". He asked "If people were willing to pay for a newspaper then why not be willing to pay to get your news online instead of expecting to get it for free?"

First of all, the .50 or dollar for a newspaper pays the delivery charge... barely. So actually the newspapers are "free" already.

Secondly, if I get my news online... it's because I paid my connection fees. If I get it on tv I bought the tv and paid the cable charges. I also pay the electric bill that makes the pretty picture light up. It's not free.

So I got in my truck and turned on the radio to hear some music (but the news and traffic at the top of the hour was on) while driving over to my favorite cafe for some breakfast (where they had 3 tv's all on different cable news channels) then I went by the Tire Center to get some new tread and the Local 9atNoon News was on the tv in the waiting area.
Later I paid my cable bill, went back home and flipped between Fox News, Cspan, Cspan2, MSNBC and CNN.
Boy I miss the Rocky Mountain News... hmmm I forget, is the Denver Post still around?

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