Monday, March 09, 2009

Example of Propaganda or Worse?

A conversation with a local blogger and recent news events come together.

1- "White House has a new target" - Bloomberg.

2- Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has 'non-public' (secret) phone calls every morning to former democrat strategists turned 'journalists' and/or consultants 'working' with at least 2 major news outlets (CNN, ABC).

3-The members of those conversations repeat white house talking points on air, sure... but those networks and others sympathetic to the white house are going beyond the call of duty, they are actively attacking specified Obama opponents with news stories designed to discredit, mock and destroy those enemies personally which of course was picked up by the openly pro-Obama MSNBC and NBC.

Summary: The government using the compliant media to control the message and destroy it's political enemies.

IF that isn't propaganda... then please tell me what it is.

Besides being a "bad idea", sure to backfire that is.

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