Saturday, March 14, 2009

First I'm a Knuckledragging rightwinger, then I'm a RINO

Now THIS is funny. Talk about your alternate realities.
And yet people attack me for name-calling.. tsk tsk... is there a point to this attack?
So, I'm a RINO. lmao, (Republican In Name Only) never been called that before...

Next we will hear from "Okie Politics" blog that Rush Limbaugh is actually a liberal and Sean Hannity is a socialist.

I am a conservative. I have always claimed to be a conservative. The Republican party best reflects my ideals and views but in no way do I walk lockstep with any political party.

If someone thinks they hurt my feelings by attacking me based on how a non-conservative defines a Republican... lol, they need to think again. I could care less if you think I'm a RINO or an Elephant.. I'm an American and conservative and proud of it.

You "Independents" (B.S.) aren't really 'independent' when you walk in lockstep with the Democrat(ic) party. You are phonies claiming to be "Independent" when you are actually totally dependent. You hide behind that tag instead of just admitting your loyalties. I am honest about where I come from. Gutless coward is the word that comes to mind for "gray area" pretenders that lob hate bombs at those who actually do stand for something.

You can define what I am as long as I get to define what you are.


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