Friday, March 06, 2009

Hey Ogle, Wake Up and Smell the Evolution

MEMO: To the Lost Ogle
Subject: Our Legislature Needs to Evolve

Wow dude, you musta-mistit.
Oklahoma's legislature was stuck in the past and controlled by the same political party for 99 years.
In 2004 the evolution began with Republican control of the state House and continued in 2006 with control of House and tie in the Senate and hopefully will continue to evolve by electing a Republican governor next year. Then Oklahoma will perhaps be able to walk upright instead of being shackled with....(as you wrote)

Poor roads and bridges which were poorly built by good-old-boy Democrat politicians and their cronies in the paving business.

Poverty created by high taxes and the anti-business attitude of nearly 100 years of Democrat controlled government.

Revenue shortfall... (see above)

Teen pregnancy? Does Ogle think only Republican teens get pregnant? Or that it is something that the government is responsible for and if so, why did Democrats let it get this way?

and what was the last one... oh yeah, lots and lots of people without health insurance after Democrats controlled Oklahoma for nearly 100 years.

Now, actually for the first time in it's history, Oklahoma is changing.

Hey Ogle wake up and smell the evolution dude.


Anonymous Patrick said...

Considering I didn't blame Republican's for any of the problems listed above, I'm not sure why you're so quick to come to their defense.

I wish you would have instead wrote what Repub's were doing to address the problems. But then again, maybe there's nothing to report because they're wasting their time on stupid issues like writing resolutions against science.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Oh really... but you blamed Republicans for not fixing those problems you cited first, which (as I pointed out) were caused by Democrats.

After listing the problems you wrote-
"Knowing all that, I find it odd that the agenda of our Republican controlled legislature seems to be making sure that college students can bring guns to class and that corporations and insurance companies can get off the hook with some form of Corporate Immunity (aka “tort reform”). I also find it odd that they spend so much time trying to pass resolutions like this one that opposes a respected scientist from speaking about evolution:"

SOUNDS like some sort of blame... you certainly weren't complimenting Republicans with your post title either.. now you won't even own up to it?

too funny.

If those issues were so important to you, why aren't you criticizing those responsible?

I was just letting you know the good news that the evolution in the state government is well under way.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Clark Matthews said...

Why should Patrick own up to bashing Republicans since he didn't?

The interesting part is that you took it as bashing Republicans. Perhaps you perceive a reason to be so overly sensitive.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

right... it's about me.
Patrick makes a crack about the Republican controlled congress needing to evolve and doesn't see the irony of his claim in light of the fact the congress just did evolve for the first time in 100 years... and it's my fault.

One would think he would give Republicans at least 50 years before expecting any results... as long as they have good intentions.

2:49 PM  

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