Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Mexican War: 6,000 Dead in Just One Year

Thousands of Mexican troops are flooding into major cities across the bloody country of Mexico which has been dragged into war by the drug cartels. God help us all if Mexico falls and millions of refugees flood across our bordedr into the US.

From the UK Daily Mail

Armed to the hilt, they came from land and air, determined to restore order to Mexico's most violent city.

Nearly 2,000 Mexican soldiers and armed federal police poured into the border town of Ciudad Juarez alone last weekend to join the 2,500 soldiers already there.

The city - just across from El Paso in Texas - has been ravaged by drug gangs. Just this month 250 people were killed there by hitmen fighting for lucrative smuggling routes.

Massacre central: How drug gangs have made murder and torture a way of life in Mexico

President Felipe Calderon's military operation is supported by the United States, which is concerned the violence could destabilize Mexico, a key trading partner, and spill over the border.

Mexico has deployed some 45,000 troops across the country to try to crush drug gangs, but clashes between rival cartels and security forces killed around 6,000 people last year alone.


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