Friday, March 06, 2009

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Here I was trying to deliver good news to the Lost Ogle and what happens?

Another blogger, still mad that I refuted his false claimes, misquotes me, misrepresents what I said and just plain makes stuff up in an effort to crawdad out of his bewilderment over why the newly Republican controlled legislature hasn't fixed a list of problems he had compiled and his embarrassment in learning those problems were all problems before Republicans took over control and that Democrats had not only done nothing to solve those problems but had been responsible for causing them.
Except of course for teen pregnancy.. I never blamed Democrats for that... good grief. My only question was why he thought that was a government issue and if so, why it wasn't fixed long ago?

I didn't miss any point. Patrick tried to blame Republicans for not fixing in a little over 3 years (5 years by Okie Politics math but anyway since Republicans claimed both the house and senate in 2006, you do the math) what it took Democrats nearly 100 years to screw up and never tried to fix.

Lost Patrick at the Ogle asked for evolution in Oklahoma's government.... I simply told him not to worry and gave him the good news that it had in fact already begun. Sour grapes led Okie Politics to try and jump on the pile.

Don't blame the messenger dudes.


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