Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama Goes Off Teleprompter and has to Apologize to Special Olympics

Obama apologizes for his remarks on the Tonight Show. It's not the first time he's gone off-script and regretted it by any means. The President should not leave home without the teleprompter unless it's just to go to the drive-through at McDonalds or something.
"Obama's line on Leno was reminiscent of a crack at Nancy Reagan he let slip last year.

"I didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances," he said at a press conference days after being elected last November, a reference to the former First Lady's consultation with an astrologer during her time in the White House.

Obama called the elderly Reagan after his comment and apologized about what an aide described as "a careless and off-handed remark."
It seems that when Barack Obama goes off teleprompter, we see a different Barack Obama.

A bumbling stumbling uhh, uhhh, gaffe-master likely to make "a careless and off-handed remark", surpassing even the well known public embarrassment skills of his Veep Joe Biden.
Who woulda' thunk it?

Off teleprompter, Barack Obama actually makes George W Bush look like a genius and certainly makes Bush look like a considerate, nice guy. I'm sorry folks, but this guy is no leader.

If SNL weren't partisan hacks they would have Fred Armisen doing Barack Obama as a complete empty suit incapable of any conversation without a teleprompter... sort-of a combination of Ted Baxter from the old Mary Tyler Moore show and Steve Urkel... but that will never happen with that bunch of political hacks posing as entertainers. (see Chevy Chase for details)

He's only been in office a couple of months and already...

Obama angered veterans and the military by considering bill that would force them to pay for their own healthcare related to combat injuries!
Obama angered pro-life Americans by repealing the government ban on funding for embryonic stem cell experimentation and destruction.
Obama angered gun owners by proposing re-instituting the ban on large caliber weapons and other gun control measures.
Obama angered business owners with his tax proposal.
Obama is angering more and more average Americans who are realizing they were sold an empty bag, a box of rocks, smoke and mirrors, snake oil, you know... good old fashioned Chicago style politics.

Worse, I believe, is the fact that with no experience at running government at any level and no experience at running a business at any level, this President is in way over his head.


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