Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Obama Legacy? Buyers Remorse

As I said in an earlier post... slowly they turned, inch by inch... step by step.

From Pajamas Media Instapundit-

Obama backer DAVID BROOKS (pictured above): This is not the Barack Obama I thought I knew.

Actually, it’s the same Obama it always was. Brooks, and others, were just so excited at the idea of a black President — or, more specifically, at the idea of themselves, voting for a black President — that they suspended all critical faculties. Now it’s buyer’s remorse. We’ll be seeing more of that.

UPDATE: More buyer’s remorse from former Obama supporter Jim Cramer. “And naturally, in response, Obama’s press secretary attacks Cramer by name. Man, the Nixon Obama White House’s enemies list is growing a lot faster than the economy itself.” Well, to be fair, given the state of the economy these days that’s not very hard . . . .

Let the purging begin...

More Buyers Remorse- John Walsh

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