Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obamanomics: What Happens In Vegas.... is coming to YOUR TOWN

It started when President Obama said that this is not the time to be taking corporate trips to Las Vegas and not the time for profits. Here is the depressing story of Obama's economic strategy... Stimulate the economy by destroying it one city at a time. Las Vegas is now dealing with devastating cancellations.
But Las Vegas is not the only city to host conventions and national sales meetings and bigshot board meetings and retreats... I'll bet a city near you could use a boost from a big convention coming to town.
Forget about it.
Obamanomics is about to spread from Las Vegas across the land. Cancellations and no profits ahead, but hey at least you will have shiny new roads and bridges to not be able to drive on because your car is killing the polar bears.
Obamanomics is Carternomics.


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