Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama's Destruction Of America via Charities vs Government programs

It's a shell game. It's a shame.
But we are talking about the shameless who will do anything to gain power and keep power.
While Obama has your head spinning from the economic crisis, trillions of dollars of debt, attacks on Rush Limbaugh, 8,500 earmarks in his latest "earmark free" stimulus bill, government funding for turning human embryos into lab rats, funding for creating jobs for 300,000 illegals in the construction industry, abortions on demand including partial birth abortions.... and more, while your head was overloading on socialism Obama demonstrated exactly how Democrats destroy their competition.

Obama's tax plan includes drastically increasing taxes on charitable donations during hard times I might add. By punishing people for donating, more charities will lose their private funding and close opening the way for a government program which was in competition with charities to expand and grow and replace the charities... until the only way to get help is from... yes you guessed it, the government.

We already have free and low cost healthcare in America and have had for a long time. I have a link in my right sidebar to dozens of locations to get free or lowcost healthcare of all kinds right here in OKC alone. In the new Obamanation expect that list to go down... or go away, as a result of Obama's tax plan designed to make room for "change".
Americans are the most giving and charitable people on the face of the earth and give more than any country... but now won't have the chance. Government will just take it.
It's disgusting, disturbing and destroying America as we know it.


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