Friday, March 13, 2009

Okie Funk Against Tax Breaks For the Poor

No New Tax Cuts
I wonder why Okie Funk's doc hoc is more worried about the government not having enough money than he is about you not having enough money?
Once again he proves his total commitment to big government and his total disrespect, contempt and hatred for the average working person and the poor.

Saying that during an economic downturn is "not the time to reduce taxes on groceries" while claiming to care about the poor is worse than hypocritical, it's cruel and self serving.
I wonder where doc hoc's big fat college professor paycheck comes from?

History shows that a recession is the perfect time to reduce taxes to put more money in the hands of consumers and less in the bottomless pocket of big government. Consumers consume and more money means more consumption, which means more jobs and again more consumption and more jobs. It's not rocket science... but then it's not socialism either, which explains again why Funk is against it.


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