Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Okie Funk Has an Image Problem

Oklahoma ranks at the bottom or near it on many things like education, healthcare, roads, jobs. Oklahoma ranks at the top in high taxes and an anti-business reputation left over from 100 years of Democrat rule.
Okie Funk claims Oklahoma has image problems, but not from any of the above items... no no, Doc Hoc Funk is worried about Oklahoma's image problem caused by "God".

His latest rant suggests that Oklahoma's alleged image problem is because schools want to consider teaching an alternative possibility to Darwin's Theory of Evolution. This would normally be considered diversity and having an open mind. College is for challenging accepted but unproven theories which in this case is Darwinism. Funk points out that no-one has disproven the Theory of Evolution but fails to point out that it has never been proven either.

But to college professor Funk, a "theory" means it is proven science, beyond questioning and beyond considering any alternative possibilities whatsoever. To think otherwise would create an "image problem" for leftwing wacko closed minded Neanderthals like Funk.


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