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Okie (Funk jr?) Politics Still Misses Point and Trickles down

In their effort to micro-critique my posting of an article written by The Heritage Foundation, Okie Politics is doing their very best to attack my post on "The Great Obama Depression". (First if you have a problem with an article that I post that has been written by someone else... I always provide a link to the original. Contact them if you have a problem as I don't always agree or disagree with stories I post)

Okie's description of Republican Regan "trickle down" economics could not be more wrong by comparing it to government growth trickling down. Okie writes- "Same thing— except with proper government spending, the tax base receives something for their investment."
Hey Okie- name ONE TIME that tax payers EVER actually got ANYTHING back from the government for their investment. lol ...We already pay taxes to fix the pot-holes and they waste it on other crap. Wake up.

Okie's fifth or sixth or so 'alleged' point was that I claimed the Carter Recession was worse than the great Depression... not so, I never said it... again, Okie has reading comprehension issues. I said that the Carter Recession of 80-81 was the worst recession since the great depression which refutes the claim Obama makes that this is the worst recession since the great depression. It's not that difficult to understand unless you don't want to understand history and the truth.

I could go through his lame attempts to discredit me and conservatives in general but it's not worth the time or energy.

They did find one error which I do appreciate as I mistyped FDR in place of Teddy Roosevelt on the link was to an article on Theodore Roosevelt.. we were talking about Hoover, Mt Rushmore, FDR and then of course Teddy came up... sorry for the confusion, a correction has been made.

IF that's the worst mistake I ever make... we'll call it good.
I hope Okie Politics NEVER ever resorts to cutting and pasing articles and stories by other authors....lol.

Lastly he accuses me of blind partisanship saying "Blind partisanship is worse than blind ideology." I guess he missed my posts disagreeing with Bush disagreeing with McCain, disagreeing with Republicans, pointing out corruption in both parties.... but that wouldn't fit his template of attack would it.

Question for Okie Politics- If you think Obama's spend-ulus bill and the bailouts are so great... why is the stock market still tanking, the economy still going bust and people are still losing their homes and jobs at near record numbers?

Exactly how many decades, centuries... does it take for a socialist government growth program to "trickle down" and when it does... exactly WHAT will be trickling down on us?
I can only imagine.

UPDATE: There are three things we know to be factual about Reagan and Carter and Obama with regard to the economy.
1- Reagan-omics tax cuts created the longest period of peacetime economic growth in America's history.
2- Carter-nomics led to the recession of 1980-81 that required Ronald Reagan's tax cuts to fix.
3- Obama-nomics is virtually the exact duplicate of Carter-nomics.

UPDATE2- Since this is not really worth wasting a new post on...

Here is Okie Politics hilarious answer to my question above about getting our moneys worth from government projects...
" I’ll provide several answers to this question…"
  • Easy Transportation for Goods and Services - Interstate Highway System (Eisenhower, R)
  • Internet Access to Rural America (Clinton, D)
  • Cheaper, cleaner Power - the Hoover Dam (Hoover, R)
  • Cheaper, cleaner Power - TVA (F. Roosevelt, D)
  • Bigger Military/end of Cold War - “Evil Empire” Military Spending (Reagan, R)
  • Skilled Labor - expansion of the Vo-Tech School System (Johnson, D & Bush-43, R)
  • Recession proof city - Metropolitan Area Projects (Norrick, et al)
LOL, so after decades of liberals claiming that government is the answer to all our problems he comes up with a list of only 7 things that he believes our government has given us our moneys worth on.
1- The interstate Highway system that Obama and Democrats claim is broken down and worthless and needs to be completely rebuilt... the Interstate Highway system that closed Route 66 and destroyed thousands of small towns and businesses... THAT interstate Highway system?
2- Al Gore's Internet... lol
3- The Hoover Dam..
4- Cheap clean power... except now they claim we are using dirty expensive power.
5- Bigger Military... except that Obama is now downsizing that same military that Okie touts just like Clinton and Carter did. (this shows you just how hard-up Okie was to find something... he had to go to Reagan for help)
6- Skilled labor...? lol as if there was no skilled labor before we had vo-tech's and he had to again go to a Republican (Bush 41) for the answer.
7- "Recession proof City"... lmao... I gotta say that one again... Recession proof City.... ? There is no such thing according to Obama we are in the worst depressing since the great depression remember?

So out of his 7 things he claims we have gotten our moneys worth from government...there are only 2 that actually lived up to that claim... we have the Hoover Dam (not the FDR dam?) and the military under Reagan... both Republicans.
Thanks for making my point Okie Jr


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just think a few of our young people have to put up with this idiot commie prof as an authority figure.

I work with him...if in fact he does work between rantings.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Silent_Majority said...

I think your right. Arguing with these guys is s waste of time. They do not take the time to read what is said. They are responding with cookie-cutter responses and talking points straight out of the DNC's paltform. I still enjoy pissing them off on occasion though.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Hey Silent Majority, ...apparently I still enjoy pissing 'em off too.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

This guy Okie Politics is hilarious... he gives me Reagan and Bush 41 as examples where the government has given tax payers their moneys worth on a project... along with Democrat projects like "Recession Proof City" and the "Internet"... too funny.

9:21 AM  

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