Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okie Funk Needs A Raise?

Okie Funk is polling lefties to see if they want to "tax the rich" in Oklahoma... this is like polling people at a protest to legalize drugs on whether they smoke pot or not.

Shocking news.... the socialist errr excuse me 'populist' leftist college Professor's readers want to raise taxes on "the rich" but for some reason Dr Hochenauer didn't define "rich".

With massive devastating INFLATION just around the corner as a result of Obama's spending spree prices are going to go through the roof but your paycheck is going to stay the same.
The very LAST THING Oklahoma should consider is raising taxes at a time when people are already short on money.

Since Dr Hochenauer's UCO paycheck comes partially I'm guessing from tax payers, it's no wonder he wants to take even more from the rich, ...but why his flock of mindless followers would want less money in their pocket to line Democrat politicians pockets is beyond me.

"Currently UCO receives approximately 45% of its budget from the State of Oklahoma."


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