Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recognizing The True Enemies

America is under direct attack from two primary directions. Socialism and Islamic fascism.

Now for those who falsely claim that I only criticize Democrats... George W Bush, while fighting Islamic fascism, also must be criticized for helping the socialist takeover with his Prescription Drug Program, his government banking bailouts and his open border policy among other things... and he's not alone.

Other Republicans who voted for Obama's Stimulus spendorama and Omnibus porkapalooza bills are just a guilty as the socialists who are Democrats. There were actually more Democrats who voted against the bills than Republicans who voted for them.

Make no mistake Obama is a socialist and he's making our country more of a socialist country every day as my posts below and a rational mind will tell you.

It's about time for conservatives to take back the Republican party and our country from those helping our enemies destroy it.


Anonymous barndoor cowlegs said...

Tater, tater, tater, do we have to go through this more? Obama is not a socialist, you are simply trying to scare people.

A socialist, me, believes in the end of capitalism, where the workers control the means of production through direct democratic and citizen control.
Obama's health care reforms specifically leave HR 676 out of the conversation. HR 676 is the closest thing to an actual socialist system we could possibly ask for. It means single-payer, not for profit healthcare for everyone-medicare for all. 80% of the people want this! Yet the new administration opposes it, despite the 64 co-sponsors of it in the house of representatives.

We socialists believe the profit motive is the cause of most evil in the world. No time does Obama suggest eliminating the profits for the wealthy, or putting the economy in the hands of the workers. We want nationalized energy, in the hands of the citizenry! When has Obama ever called for de-privitazation of electricity? The only way we support nationalization of banks is if the profits and gambling are taken out of it, and the banks come under DIRECT democratic control by the public. These ideas are not the same as having industries run by the government.

We want immediate end to the wars and occupations, where does Obama even come close to making this happen? He is expanding in Afghanistan, and bombing Pakistan!

Please stop using the term socialist to describe Obama, you are doing a disservice to your cause, it shows your ignorance. If you disagree with Obama (I do, if for different reasons) use concrete logic to explain, not just claiming "he is a socialist and that is bad"
I generally think you really mean social democrat, at least that's how your arguments read. I disagree with even that, but at least the term more accurately represents what you claim him to be.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Barndoor, Barndoor Barndoor, be patient comrade, Obama can't do it all at once my friend... or he will be 'outed' most certainly and the scam will be over.
Remember, Cuba wasn't built in a day, baby steps at first comrade, baby steps before running.

9:49 AM  

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