Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Stater Movie Review

Red Stater Movie Review.
Recent Top picks from the rental isle....

Traitor- Starring Don Cheadle in "a gritty perspective on the war on Terror". I recommend it, the ending is worth the wait. "do it".

Eagle Eye- Classic tale of "when good computers go bad" with a big-brother feel that gave me the creeps.. I give it a "so-so".

Vantage Point- Dennis Quaid: Interesting twists in this forward/rewind of the same series of events from several different people's vantage point that develop the story as you see from each perspective... not bad... I give it a "why not".

Beverly Hills Chihuahua- If you like Chihuahua's see it, cute movie for the kids (and certain adults) who love dogs.


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