Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: The Last Man Standing?

This one is for all you Rush Limbaugh haters who claim to be moderates, Independents, Libertarians etc. or otherwise not totally insane.

America is now controlled by a single political party almost having a filibuster proof majority.
That majority is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Teleprompter.

But we should have the unbiased news media to keep things in check, ask the tough questions, be skeptical and detached from white house talking points and spin, ... right?

The news media is biased and has an overwhelming vested interest in that same political party.

Research Professor Engram (registered Democrat) wrote about this back in October of 2007 during the election buildup. The Media we Have...

A study done at UCLA revealed that the media is in fact biased to the left.
Below is a graph from that study that shows only Fox News and The Washington Times are more conservative than the average American. All other major news media outlets were found to be more liberal or left leaning than the average American.

The news media is in the tank for the Democrat(ic) party. Stop pretending it isn't. The news media has failed us already. I could spend pages on how they distracted you away from looking at Obama's past and his associates and his family by getting you to look at Sarah Palin's past and her family... asking if her son Trig was actually Sarah's daughter's son, implying some giant scandal and cover-up, which of course was completely false. But it worked because the media made it work.

So, I ask all you so-called moderates out there that don't want this country "fundamentally rebuilt" in Obama, Reid and Pelosi's image one question.

Who is going to challenge them?
Republicans in congress get no press and have no national audience.

Who is going to stand up to this one-party rule and government controlled media?

Those of you condemning Rush Limbaugh should be the first singing his praises even if not his methods.

For without Rush Limbaugh and a handful of others there would be no national voice of question and concern, no national voice of any opposition, no national voice of dissent... which if I recall correctly is supposed to be the new patriotism... no wait, that's right they changed it to paying more taxes is the new patriotism according to Veep Biden himself. It's hard to keep up with what Democrats think is patriotic... sorry.

Rush in many ways (to Democrats) is the "Last Man Standing" in their way of total domination for generations and why YOU need to start listening to Rush Limbaugh.... agree with him on everything or not.

Hey, I watched Air America regularly on the Sundance channel during the Bush administration... so you can do it.
-red stater


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