Sunday, March 22, 2009

S. Korean Defense Ministry: N Korea Planning April Surprise Attack

The Seoul Times- Monday March 23 2009- North Korea will likely carry out a surprise attack on South Korea, simultaneously with the communist state's launch of what it calls a communications satellite in early April, Yonhap News quoted South Korea's defense ministry as have warned on March 18..

The latest warning followed Pyongyang's threat last week to push ahead with its planned satellite launch in the sea off the Korean Peninsula between April 4-8.

"There is a good possibility North Korea may make a surprise but limited attack on some areas along the inter-Korean border, with global attention mounting on its planned missile launch," the ministry said in a report presented to a special parliamentary committee on inter-Korean relations.

If it does attack, the North's goal would be to create conflict between different factions in the South, the ministry report said.

"It appears the North is trying to incite internal conflict in the South while pressuring the United States' Obama administration to come to bilateral talks at an early date," it said.

Uhhh Mr. President... hello, are you there? I think you've got a pop-quiz coming soon hot shot.


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