Monday, March 02, 2009

She was Right! Sky a little bluer, Birds Chirping a little louder, Trees a little greener...

The future looks a little brighter this morning for some reason.
I learned this morning that young Jonanthan Krohn's interest in politics started when he heard about the now infamous Democrat(ic) effort to filibuster preventing the selection of judicial nominees. He wasn't as much interested in the judical selections themselves as the filibuster, then his interest in politics took off. He is now 14 (not 13 anymore) and has written a book on conservatism along with being one of the most popular speakers at the CPAC conference this past weekend. Here is his website.

Jonathan understands conservative principles pretty well and I predict will be a thorn in the side of liberals and Democrats for years to come.
I also predict that the left will immediately attack his character, his looks, his something.. anything but adress his beliefs which they fear to the core.

So, I must say a special THANK YOU to the Democrat(ic) party filibusterers!
Also, while I'm at it, a quick thank you for Jimmy Carter who gave us Ronald Reagan.

I can't wait to see the crop of young new unknown conservative(s) being 'created' as a reaction to Obama-Pelosi-Reid's over-reaching, over-governing, over taxing, over spending and over the top radical socialist agenda we are now getting a daily dose of.

Who will be inspired to step forward and lead a new generation of conservative American thinkers beyond Obama, beyond this attack on capitalism, forward to conservative principles, forward to the future of life, liberty, justice and freedom?

Many will research a little and come to the conclusion that liberal ideology of the Democrat(ic) party not only doesn't really make sense... it also doesn't work.
A few of these will rise to the top which will in turn inspire others.
Jimmy Carter's real legacy was Ronald Reagan...
I can't wait... to see what Obama can turn out, this oughta' be good.


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