Monday, March 30, 2009

What's Another Word For Ostrich?

The Obama administration is going to win the war against Radical Islamic Fascism by simply pretending it doesn't exist. The term "War on Terror" is now officially banned.

"The (Obama) administration has stopped using the phrase and I think that speaks for itself"
-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Instead, Obama and company, from this day forth, want us to call it, "Overseas Contingency Operation"

In an effort to help our fearless leader out of a jam here, let's come up with a proper term for the suicidal Jihad being waged against America and the free world by Islamic fascists.

Here are a few of my suggestions.
Please vote for one or suggest one of your own.

A-International Peace Keeping Parks & Rec Operation?
B-World Human Conflict Resolution Operation and Social Services?
C-The Terms of US Surrender Operation?
D-How to Be a Dhimmi for Dhummies Operation?
E- The "Not War" on "not Terror" against the "Not Fascist", "Not Muslim", Jihadists who don't want to kill us all... Operation?
F- Soccer?
G- Bush's War for Oil...? oops can't call it that any more since the Messiah is in charge.
H- Peace Love and Understanding?
I- Waste Management Operation?
J- Global "Change" Operation?
K- Head In Sand Operation? (pictured above in use)


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