Sunday, March 01, 2009

When Limbaugh Speaks, ...Liberals Had Better Listen

Rush Limbaugh CPAC Speech
Part 1 of 10 below

Full video parts 1-10 HERE

No wonder Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to shut Rush Limbaugh up. He is dead-on accurate about Democrat(ic)s, liberals and reflects what conservatives believe and articulates the conservative movement accurately.

I dare any liberal to listen to this complete speech and then come and tell me that Limbaugh doesn't scare the crap out of them because he is absolutely correct. That is the reason they hate him, it's their ONLY defense.
Ahhh, but they won't listen, naw, instead of challenging Limbaugh on his statements or on issues, they always resort to the same gutter hatred, calling him names, claiming things that simply aren't even close to true about him.
Very predictable unfortunately, the blogosphere is full of idiots.

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Anonymous Ryan said...

Classic Limbaugh. I especially liked the lead-in line about Fox.

He hit on a few of the characteristics which make the conservative party unique. I do feel that a return to conservative values would improve the country tremendously. I am not a straight line party guy by any means, but it's painfully obvious that many problems that the country is experiencing are due to the fact that we have not adhered to conservative moral ideals.


12:36 PM  

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