Monday, April 27, 2009

On "Torture", What Would You Do to save a loved one?

I heard someone say that they don't consider themselves a cannibal, but if given the circumstances and they were in a plane crash in the remote mountains... and looking at starvation, then you just might end up being dinner.

This is how it is on "torture".

If you are against waterboarding, putting crickets in with someone who thinks they are poisonous and other so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques", then please read on an answer my question honestly.

For this example, you get a phone call that a loved-one has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in a building that has been identified with a bomb in it and there is no way out without setting off the bomb.

Authorities have captured one of the leaders of the group who knows exactly where in the building your loved-one is being held and how to save him/her... for now, but time is running out for your loved-one in terms of ever hoping to find him/her (or disarm the bomb) and he refuses to talk.

To save your loved-one, would you authorize
A: Strongly encouraging or begging him to save your loved-one?
B: Using any means possible (including phony poison crickets) to save your loved-ones?

If you answered "B", then why would you deny this same thing to save other parents and children?

We are not a nation that routinely tortures people, but given the right circumstances I think that we would all do it to save a loved one.... I know I would in a heartbeat.


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