Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prezident B Erkel ..."Did I do That?"

Clueless in Washington, Prezident Erkel claimed in his speech last night that he has saved or "created" 150,000 new jobs since being in office.
This comes on top of a report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released earlier this month showing that the U.S. has lost more than 1.2 million jobs since President Barack Obama was sworn into office... a net loss of still over 1million jobs.... since January, under Obama/Erkel.

Next Prez Erkel claimed “We inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. That wasn’t me.”

When in fact, (Associated Press fact check ) "Congress controls the purse strings, not the president, and it was under Democratic control for Obama’s last two years as Illinois senator. Obama supported the emergency bailout package in President George W. Bush’s final months — a package Democratic leaders wanted to make bigger."

He’s persuaded Congress to expand children’s health insurance, education spending, health information technology and more. He’s moving ahead on a variety of big-ticket items on health care, the environment, energy and transportation that, if achieved, will be more enduring than bank bailouts and aid for homeowners.

The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated his policy proposals would add a net $428 billion to the deficit over four years, even accounting for his spending reduction goals. Now, the deficit is nearly quadrupling to $1.75 trillion.

When asked about these facts, Prez Erkel responded... oh wait, he was never asked about these facts by the adoring, loving, enchanted media... never mind.


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