Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too Far To the What?

There is a popular Democrat talking point picked up by none other than Arlen Specter upon his announcement that he is actually not a Republican but a Democrat because the party has moved "too far to the right".

One only has to look back to last November to realize just how insane this argument is.

Republicans selected Presidential candidate John McCain who is among the most left leaning Republicans out there... he campaigned with former Democrat VP candidate Joe Lieberman for crying out loud... remember?

The left is trying to completely destroy the right... one way to do that is to make the right look like the extreme and hide the fact that the Democrats are the party that has suddenly jumped to the extreme left. So the next time you hear someone say the Republican party has move too far to the right... ask them to name a single issue that Republicans today are to the right of Republicans of 1984 and Ronald Reagan on. That oughta' shut 'em up for a nano-second.

Then remind them that they are saying this at a time when our country is being converted to socialism by Democrats and the left then tell me again how Republicans are "too far" to the right.


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