Monday, April 27, 2009

USA is The Cause of Many World Problems

Many people (including many on the left right here in America) believe that we (the USA) are the cause of many of the world problems throughout history and today as well.

This is true.

If not for the meddling of the United States, Nazi Germany and Communist Japan and perhaps even the USSR would have fought it out amongst themselves for world domination decades ago.

If not for the United States, Saddam Hussein would be still running things..... including Kuwait and in a nuclear arms race with Iran or worse.

If not for the United States, Islam would have destroyed Israel decades ago.... and would be decades ahead of where it is now on the road to Islamic domination of the world.

If not for the USA... there would be no South Korea and N Korea would be the nuclear world power it dreams of being.

If not America, those who have hope for survival and freedom would not even think of such things, for such things cause many "problems" for potbellied dictators and global thugs.

Yeah... America has been a big problem... for evil men to deal with that is.
America has been a major problem for Communism, Nazism, Fascism and a huge problem for radical Islam for the past 7 years.... until now that is.

Now there is hope for them. You see, "Change" is on the way.
The Obama administration is cuddling up to Communist Cuba, Socialist Venezuela, Islamic Iran and every other despot and potbellied dictator in the universe he can dig up.

So... I guess America is officially not the problem with the world anymore, huh?
Problem solved, chalk one up to Obama.


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