Sunday, May 03, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: CNN "almost" admits US Victory in Iraq

In a rare near-blunder, CNN and the Democrat controlled leftwing media almost recognized the US led victory and success in Iraq... reporting that the Al Qaeda threat in Iraq "continued to diminish"... but are puzzled as to why. This is as close as they could come, sad but true, hidden deep in an article titled (of all things) "Terror Attacks Up in Pakistan, Afghanistan".

CNN- "Although the threat from al Qaeda in Iraq "continued to diminish" due to significant defections and a loss of both territory and funding, al Qaeda continued to benefit from safe haven in Somalia and has strengthened its North African operations."
Let's take a look at what this really means.

Al Qaeda in Iraq... (wow this is quite an admission alone, AQI?) continue to diminish (as in, got their asses kicked) due to (Bush's US led surge strategy and General Petraeus?) significant defections (defections, why?) and a loss of both territory (because of who? To who?) and funding (funding? We were told our presence in Iraq helped their funding, remember?)...

All this is probably due to global warming... err I mean "climate change" I'm sure.


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